THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


We all want to feel that we have creative abilities at something we love to do, be it painting, writing, music, etc..

But the real stopper to having one's creative spirit bloom and grow is frustration, any frustration.

Feeling frustrated is a sure way to keep creativity hiding in its hole like the Ghost Crab, coming out only when it feels the environment is safe.

Unlocking the combination to how not to feel frustrated when playing music, not only the Classical Guitar, but any musical instrument, is technical ability.

Unlocking the combination to technical ability is calmness of spirit. A sort of mental slowdown.

And if you think about this, it will make perfect sense to you.

It was put into a slogan in the seventies, "Go with the flow". I'm not sure that the slogan was directed at achieving great strides at technical abilities in the Fine Arts, but it nonetheless held a truth that needed communicating.

Tell yourself that practicing your technique is not pleasant and the result will be that you will never practice technique.

Tell yourself that playing your favorite pieces of music is fun and you'll have fun playing them. ( even if you don't play them very well ).

This gets back to Lesson #1 in the Mini-course, if you signed up and can remember that far back. Getting yourself into a Classical Guitar Frame of Mind. 

After all, isn't a Guitar Learning Course supposed to have new and interesting exercises to play through ?

The answer is NO, NO, NO ! NO !

If your mind is not ready to understand that improving one's technique happens by learning the physical skills of playing rather than playing the written note, you will never succeed at achieving whatever you believe your dream to be when it comes to the Classical Guitar.

Here's what's even worse.

If you go about learning those physical skills but you don't allow your Creative Spirit to follow along as you play one open Guitar string with one right hand finger, you're only learning half of what the Classical Guitar is all about.

If you can't practice scales or glissando exercises and "feel" rather than "hear" the sounds, then when you do play a piece of music, you won't do the composer's ideas total justice.

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