THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  



Mastering the Five Disciplines of Classical Guitar Technique is not something that happens overnight. In fact, it is something that only happens with regular attention and perseverance to the real issues.

Most Classical Guitar Beginners and even the Advanced Players have music on their stand way too early in their studies. It is a common misconception that one learns proper technique by playing pieces of music.

If you are already a competent player and this is how you learned your technique, I Can Guarantee You that each piece you play has at least one spot where you falter, every time you play it. You're probably nodding your head, Yes.

Now I locked myself in a practice room for two years to learn my technique and I offer you all the conclusions I reached during that time over thirty years ago as well as tips and observations I've made since.

In my Full Course, I'll take you through all of the Disciplines with 5 in-depth Lessons on each one and lead you through 6 Phases of skill level for each Discipline which will iron out the problem wrinkles in your technique forever.

You might think that sounds like a lot of work but consider where your playing ability will be one year from now if you just continue doing whatever it is that you have been doing for the last year on your Guitar.

I'm convinced that you can be at least twice as good a player and you never have to leave the comfort of your home. If you have purchased the Full Course from my web site already, congratulations on your decision to seriously improve your playing abilities because you are now that much closer to playing the pieces you've always dreamed of playing.

If you haven't yet purchased The Definitive Classical Guitar Technique Builder Mastering e-Course, do so today ! Cut your practice time in half and become at least twice as good a Classical Guitarist at the same time.

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