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[ Do you press harder on the remote control even when you know that the batteries are going dead ? ]

I almost didn't laugh when I read this one because it's what so many Guitarists do each and every day with their Guitar.

This might be hard to read for some of you so maybe go and get a drink or something first.

Every day, or so, you open up your Guitar case, sigh, take it out and sit down to hopefully play something beautifully. But, you can't get yesterday's frustration out of your mind. An hour of your time plucking away at stuff and.... no improvement.

So today, you're resolved to try a bit harder. You concentrate just a little more, increase your Left Hand pressure on the strings, play a little louder with your Right Hand tensed up a little more, go like this for about an hour improvement.

You sigh, put the Guitar away and say, well, yesterday was a bear at work and I must be in a bad mood or something.

This routine continues, or has been continuing for some time now. ( I'll let you fill in your own time frame in private ).

You skip a day or two, maybe even a week, go back to the Guitar case and give it the old College try and put some of your favorite Guitar pieces on the stand. I mean, that recital you attended the other day gave you strength and courage.

You say to yourself, "I'm going to really tackle some scales !"

I won't spell out what happens next. Suffice it to say...."no improvement".

Well guess what, " You're pressing harder on the remote even though you know the batteries are going dead !"

Why did we chuckle when we first read this statement ?

Because we all probably have done it, quite literally, and it's human nature to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

But that's not the end of this story. It is also a metaphor to some inherent weakness in human nature and can literally stop a Guitarist from progressing, forever !

You know that your "inner battery" is going dead and the problem is, you don't know where that battery is or how to change it for a new one so you just keep pressing harder and harder on the strings hoping that your "inner TV chanel" will change.

Finding and replacing that "inner battery going dead" is what my method is all about and I will continue to preach until you find your battery and replace it. It has happened for some you following my Mastering Course and it's always very exciting for me to learn of it.

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