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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


A Multi Part Insight as to what you may or may not be experiencing   


[ Do you constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized ? ]

I dare say that we have all done this more times than we care to remember and we all know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that food doesn't materialize in the ice box but we still do it. Even worse, we hope that our favorite desert will materialize AND it will contain all of the life sustaining non-fattening nutrients we'll ever need to survive.

Why does this irrational behaviour happen ?

Well, food means survival and it's not hard to make that leap of faith but I believe it is more a vicarious belief that the key to survival is right behind the refigerator door.

One quick opening of a door and we survive another day.

Instant gratification. Almost !

Yes, we survive another day, physically but the content of the refrigerator rarely satisfies our emotional hunger, which is really why we went to it in the first place.

So, we do it day and day out year after year and are disappointed most of the time. ( I think that's why I dabble in Gourmet Cooking. I hate struggling with the tendency in myself but at least the food is good :-)

The Guitar is like the refrigerator. We open the case just like the refrigerator and we have that feeling that technical mastery (food) will have materialized since the last visit.

The motivations are the same. It represents survival on many different levels and like the refrigerator, we put the Guitar away, open the case back up in a few hours, try again, back and forth like this day after day, week after week, etc..

It's about that scurge of the Magical World of Classical Guitar......."Hoping that we will improve magically".

The secret is to wean yourself off this hope, ( very slowly because it's painfull ) and replace it, very slowly, with real abilities and skills.

Real achievement is the antidote to false hope !

And that is what my Method is about. Replacing false hope with real skills and you won't believe how real Creativity blossoms when it has real skills to work with.

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