THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


A Multi Part Insight as to what you may or may not be experiencing   


[ Do you run over a piece of string a dozen times with the vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up and examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance ? ]

This tendency is more subtle than the remote control or refrigerator tendency and what does all this have to do with learning Classical Guitar ?

I continually try to examine the psychological stumbling blocks when it comes to learning Classical Guitar and there are quite a few. Hopefully, these e-mails will help reveal small chinks in the armour as your practice sessions continue.

If you are absolutely 100% satisfied with your playing ability, and have never experienced a single moment of frustration with the instrument and you can perform any piece of your choosing, at will and perfectly executed, to a standing ovation from anyone within earshot, then e-mail me because I want to be your booking agent for your next World Tour.

But ....if your struggling a bit and don't know why then read why a piece of string and a vacuum cleaner have a very important message for you.

OK. You picked up the string after the vacuum failed to do it's job, you've examined it to see what is it about the darn piece of string that has your vacuum at a disadvantage. You determine that it's not a piece of super string able to withstand hurricane force winds, it's just a normal, every day piece of string.

Having made this empirical observation, you put the string back down and "allow" the vacuum to try again. This time with success ?

No, of course not. That's what's so funny about this tendency. You had the problem's solution in your hands but gave it back to the more routine solution to try again.

You could have done the vacuum's job and thrown the string away, which is the real task, but you simply said to yourself, "It's not my job to throw away the string. Why did I buy this expensive vacuum for, anyway ?"

The Guitar is like a vacuum cleaner. We simply expect it to do its job. We put our piece of music on the stand over and over and over again and when the "Guitar" can't play the piece we put the music away and put it back tomorrow.

This time you say "I'm going to give my guitar one more chance. Why did I buy this expensive instrument anyway ?"

Just in case you haven't caught the point. We expect our Guitar to inspire our ability, continually ! I mean, it's such a lovely Guitar, beautiful tone and all. Not only that but we demand that our Guitar inspire us to magical perfection.

The vacuum cleaner didn't do it's job so we didn't do the obvious which was throw away the string, we put it back down on the floor and ran over it a few more times.

And no, the vacuum cleaner is not really your Guitar. The vacuum cleaner is actually YOU !

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