THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  



Approaching your technical practice on the Classical Guitar is fraught with obstacles, frustration, disappointment and just plain old hard work.

Anything in that sentence you don't agree with when you look back at the time you have spent Practicing ?

Out of all the e-mails I receive from Guitarists who have purchased my Definitive Classical Guitar Technique e-Course, the overwhelming winner is the number that simply state how comforting it is to know that there is a clear framework that surrounds the topic of Technique and that the guesswork is all gone.

Remember how I said earlier that most Classical Guitarists have music on their stands Way Too Early ?

And that most Classical Guitarists begin their study with the Fifth Discipline and never, ever learn the first Four Disciplines ?

I'm surprised we don't find more Guitars lying in dumpsters or in street gutters !

Yes, you CAN take all the guesswork out of what to do first, second third and so on when it comes to really mastering technique with my Technique Builder and know that your fear of technique will disappear.

But here is the second wrinkle to the topic of Technique.

So many Classical Guitarists are so used to not really knowing how to practice, that when they go through my program, suddenly they realize they have so many bad habits to correct, a kind of fear of success sets in.

And it makes perfect sense. After what may be years of struggling and thinking that is just how it's supposed to be on the Classical Guitar, a sort of Good-Bye has to be said to the part of yourself that spent so much time and effort on trying to improve as a player.

Just Say Goodbye !

We all remember how difficult the first few weeks of learning to play were what with the sore fingertips and frustration with trying to control the multiple movements of 8 fingers on six strings and 72 frets or more.

Not to mention, learning to read music too ?

Well, cheer up ! Because my method is actually meditative in the sense that the initial lessons of all the Five Disciplines begin with speeds so slow, you won't be able to muster up any frustration. Anyone can learn a skill if you are asked to do it in slow motion.

And the wonderful thing about about my Method is that while you are learning ( or re-learning ) the skills required to play Classical Guitar at those slow speeds, your Creative Spirit will come to life.

Why ?

Because Creativity stays in its little box if you're in a constant state of frustration. The creative spirit needs freedom, space and serenity in order to blossom.

And guess what you need most after you have your technique together and you go to play your favorite pieces ?

Interpretive Creativity !

This is what we find so enjoyable and inspiring when we hear Masters like Segovia and Bream. Their playing is just so interesting and creative, we can't wait to hear the next note.

I had the pleasure of hearing Julian Bream play the same Recital Program three times in a row in three different Cities in the early 80's. I just kept driving to the next venue to hear him again. I could have never guessed the outcome of what started out to be just wanting to hear my favorite player over and over.

Each performance, interpretively was so very, very different from the others that I actually found it surprising at first. I thought to myself later how much fun that was listen to but then I thought, how much fun must that have been for Julian Bream to have the sort of spontaneous ability to let the current of his Creative Spirit take him along multiple paths within the same passages, night after night.

That's the Goal and should become your mission with your playing.

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