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Hello Sakari,

I’ve just received your last mini lesson
and I have to say all the bad reasons you’ve written
about  not making progress with the guitar I’ve suffered.

Lessons from a so called professional teacher who had
no idea because they “didn’t start at the beginning”.

I have music the tutor gave to me many years  ago,
to practice ,and I can’t still play them because they were,
and are, far too difficult.

I appreciate your theory re: finger practice and it makes
perfect sense to me and I wish I had had the benefit of
your theory some years ago.

I desperately want to play the guitar so perhaps there is time .
So much time has been lost but I shall be ordering
your Trilogy shortly.  Many,  many,  thanks.

Regards ,
               Bob O., Nottinghamshire
, UK

Whether You're a Beginner or Expert...
Until You Master the 3 Required Skills For Each Finger,
Making Fast Progress Will Just Be a Distant Dream !

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Discover Why 7 Out 10 Students of Classical Guitar
Needlessly Quit Within The First Year of Study and

 What You Can Do, Starting Today
To Avoid That Statistical Certainty !

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* Have you been taking lessons for a while, months...maybe even
   years.... and you're really not much further along as a player
   than you thought you would be by now ?

* Are you a beginner and fairly confused as to what
   to do first despite YouTube and dozens of free Internet learning   
   videos ?  

* Are you struggling with sight reading even the simplest piece of
   classical guitar music ? 

* Do you have a good understanding of right hand finger   
   positioning and left hand finger independence or do you feel that 
   learning classical guitar is like learning to fly by sitting in the
   cockpit of a jumbo jet ?

* Are you an advanced player and still make the same
   mistakes in the same places in your favorite pieces of music ?
   ( Despite practicing them for years ? )

*  Are you returning to the classical guitar after a long absence
    but your previous experience of slow progress and frustration is
    making you think twice ? 

These questions address some very common concern for all
students of the classical guitar.

So I conducted an Internet survey a few years ago and asked
one, two part question. "Have you ever taken classical guitar lessons
and did you end up quitting within the first year ?"

Hundreds responded and 7 out of 10 took lessons at some point
and quit in the first year.

I was shocked, but not surprised!

Playing the classical guitar is perhaps one of the most rewarding
musical and expressive experiences
you may ever have and I can
show you exactly how to achieve and maintain that experience
through an extremely critical path of steps.

Don't become one of the many who simply never progress on
the classical guitar.

Besides, you might just save yourself a lot of wasted time and money !


K. Sakari Heikkila

ps.  The drawings on the right are all of professional and
well know players that I've made through the years.  Segovia, Bream, Williams and others.  So if you think there is only one way to hold the guitar....think again !

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