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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


The other day, I was surfing the net a bit. I was absolutely appalled that some sites offered pieces of Classical Guitar music for the beginner; studies, practice pieces and the like.

Many of these so called "beginner's exercise pieces" require advanced skill levels from each of the Five Disciplines that my Method Teaches.

But.....Classical Guitarists, young and old, beginners to advanced, are probably flocking over them and then opening up their wallets to them and the rest of the other half truths for sale because as we all know, playing ( or thinking that we are playing ) is more fun than learning the skills required to play. Playing sells, apparently, or more accurately, the "perception" of playing sells.

So does Lose Weight With Just One Pill, so does Lose Weight While You Sleep, so does Stop The Aging Process With Our Cream, so does The Ultimate Exercise Machine ( that stays in the closet forever after just two days after purchase ).

So take heed the next time you load up with music scores.  You just purchased the perception of hope.

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