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The Classical Guitar Midi is a phenomenon that at first glance may appear to be a great innovation. "Let's hear what this piece sounds like before I spend time learning it".

That's the battle cry. But the problem lies not in hearing the pitches of a composition played in tempo, the problem lies in thinking that the robotic-like sound of this noise, and it's metronomic marching simply represents a value to the quest for the above mentioned battle cry.

First off, generally the first "Interpretation" one hears of a piece is the one that sticks into the memory banks, sub-consciously and consciously, whether you like it or not. So when you research your next piece and you hear it played by a midi device, off-line or on-line, it will become your inner ideal to shoot for, played in perfect time, no deviation in volume or tone color, not a single mistake, no attention to bringing out the melody, in other words, no human touch.

Beginners, especially, should avoid Midi renditions at all cost because they engrain themselves into the mind and will be rather difficult to purge.
I browsed through one web site with dozens of Midi renditions and arrangements for one Guitar and Two Guitars representing over 400 years of compositions.

Guess What ? They all sounded exactly alike. In fact, they were so drone-like from one to the next that I found them to have absolutely no value at all, being familiar with a good many of them.

The compositions marched on, pushing the beautiful melodies and harmonic variations that cry out for interpretive values and treatment, through the same meat grinder, to the point that I coudn't even hear the musical potential of the pieces.

Pieces that I know and love.

My advice, avoid Classical Guitar Midi Renditions like the plague !

And while you're at it, avoid all Instrumental Midi Renditions like the plague unless under the supervision of a sensitive and compassionate human being willing to help you forget what you heard.

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