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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


That's right and I realize how strange that must sound .

This may sound like your Mother talking but, " Never play Music to Learn Classical Guitar Technique !".

( and never run with scissors in your hands ! )

I get e-mails from some Guitarists that are convinced they can elliminate a lot of technical practice time by daily warming up with a simple piece of music and then practicing their difficult pieces. They figure that they only have so much time in the day to spend with the Classical Guitar so why not get as far with it all as they can by concentrating on their music.

It actually works in the opposite way.

Remember my article about General vs. Specific Technique ?

It may be one of the most important concepts to follow if you want real progress to take place on the Guitar.

The unvarnished truth is that technique, I mean real technique, is the ability to move the fingers of both hands around the strings and frets so surgically, that you never touch a string that isn't in play or supposed to be dampened, no matter what speed you're playing at and no matter how many fingers are at work.

Playing music will never teach you how to do this because you're simply too busy concentrating on a dozen other things, like remembering to breathe, not make any squeaks, not miss any notes, I mean, the list can be endless.

And the biggest concentration drain is guess what ?

Not making any mistakes ! Your mind can become so preoccupied with this that the tension will build up in your hands, arms and shoulders and you'll have to take a hot bath after every practice session.

My solution to all this is at the very core of my Technique Builder Method and Mastering Lesson Series.

Learn every finger motion through a process of slow motion practice for every technical skill, gradually bring those skills to the level of being able to do them rapidly and then and only then, combine all the skills into one truly integrated technique.

Now, you are ready to put music on your music stand and not before.

But when you do, you just won't believe how easy it all is and then you can begin real work on the Specific Techniques that each piece individually contain. 

Get my Lesson Series and don't play any music so you can spend the rest of your life enjoying it !

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