THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  

The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


Many Classical Guitarists, and I've known quite a few over the years, are working without a net even though they are accomplished in their own right.

Meaning that when they pick up the Guitar, they're "hoping" that their fingers will behave and the Music that emmanates will be absolutely breath taking.

They're "hoping" that no mistakes will happen, "hoping" that their tone will be full and round rather than thin and naily, "hoping upon hope" that they won't have a memory lapse.

In other words, they're working without a net.

Hope is not a safety net. It is simply, "Hope" !

This is not where you want to be as a Classical Guitar Beginner or Concert Artist because the pitfalls of "hoping" things will go smooth are endless and demoralizing.

I've seen Guitarists throw up, literally, before their Recital AND after their Recital because their "hope" didn't help them one single bit !

They compensate for real technical skills by flailing their fingers about as if to appear Artistic. Taking their Left Hand off the fret board at the end of a phrase and waving it quickly about like some Beauty Pagent Winner in a Parade. All forms of thrashing about I've seen in players on and off the stage.

None of it helps their playing and all of it detracts from the Music.

Lesson #1 of my Mastering Lesson Series is the Cornerstone of all Technique.

Learn to keep all your non-playing fingers as close to the strings as possible and never move them AT ALL . . EVER until they are ready to play.

Master that skill, follow my Method and you'll have the best safety net ever.

Real technical skills and the confidence to back it up whether you are playing just for yourself or whether you want to try out the Recital Stage every once in a while.

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