THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


The enigmatic and counter intuitive Third Discipline.

The Left Hand alone on a single string. Believe it or not, the Exercises I present to Master the Third Discipline are more a mental process than a physical one.

You have probably been reading my e-mails and wondering, "Why in the world aren't we just reading through the famous 20 Sor Studies to learn how to play or e countless other Etudes, etc., that are out there to learn. I'll just jump into the Villa-Lobos Etudes and be done with it."

Well, that is how many think the way to expertice happens.

In fact, if I invited every Classical Guitarist to Madison Square Garden and asked the question, "Who here learned their technique by playing the above mentioned Etudes,?" my guess is that every hand would go up.

And then if I brought each of them up to stage to play their most practiced and accomplished Etude, there would be just a handfull that would really Wow us.

What is it that those few have that the rest don't ?

Genetic Ability ?

Years of Hard Work ?

Nerves of Steel ?

No, but these are all a great plus. What they have is what great downhill Skiers have.

The ability to memorize the Course after walking it once or twice and then the ability to visualize themselves skiing down the course flawlessly with their eyes closed just before they leave the starting gate.

We've all seen this at the Olympics. The athlete swaying back in forth as they stand there, eyes closed and an intense look on their face.

So . . . how does one learn to memorize a downhill course by just walking it once or twice ?

The answer in the next Article.

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