THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !



How does one learn to memorize a downhill course by just walking it once or twice ?

Simple, you boil the act of skiing down to three things, no more. In skiing, as one races a downhill course, you have the approach to the gate, turn through the gate and exit the gate in preparation for the next one, over and over.

Now you memorize the difficult gates and forget the easy ones because you know they won't be a problem.

Maybe there are 4 difficult gates in the whole course so the secret is to concentrate on the difficult approaches as you race down the hill. You don't memorize the course, you memorize the order of the difficult gates and give your mind time to prepare for them.

Well, Classical Guitar Technique isn't any different.

The reality of performing on stage teaches us that we are at only about 75 % of our relaxed playing posture so technique is down of few notches of ability. We then anticipate the tough spots in the piece as they draw nearer, tense up and hope we get through them.

What my Technique Builder Method does is to smooth out our General technique so your confidence level is as high as it can be and then you plug those difficult passages in the repertoire into the Metronome Phase Shifting process and iron out Specific glitches. Now you're ready to step onto the stage or in front of your Family members if that's your audience.

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