THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  

Flawless Playing Requires Total Finger Control And 
Practicing Music and Scales WILL NOT Give It To You !

"Done more for me than spending the $500 on lessons going nowhere"

"Dear Sakari, I must be quite frank, that I was quite skeptical about the method when I first started. I could not figure how [initially] playing one string using i-m-a could in any way improve my lousy playing. Much to my surprise and pleasure the Tone Centering exercises have done more for me than spending the $500 on lessons that got me going nowhere, and for that I would like to Thank YOU very much. 

Thank you for a guitar course that really gets to point of learning how to play an instrument like the Classical Guitar which is far more difficult to play than a piano. 

Sincerely yours, Al F. 

Finally, You Can Say...
Goodbye to Pointless Practicing ...FOREVER....

I Can Show You How To...

Play 4-5x Better...
Practice Less...
Retain More Technical Ability...
Stop the Slow Progress...
Start Feeling the Music More...

"The Sakari Method of Mastering The Five Disciplines" for Classical Guitar  teaches those pro-level skills in just 30 downloadable lessons delivered
to you via e-mail !  How much simpler can it get ?

Very few guitarists ever know what problems they have that will keep them stuck in the practice room forever.

My method walks you through only the critical skills required to play anything and forces you to attain breathtaking abilities that you never thought possible.

"Insights That Are Truly Amazing"

"Lesson 15 provides insights that are truly amazing. For those who listen AND follow, it is a real treasure.It has been a very enlightening, delightful journey. I often recommend it to others."

~ Thanks, Don

"Loving Everything"

"Hi sakari--love all your wisdom, loving everything you are teaching"

~ Dale

"I Enjoy it More and More"

"Hi Sakari. I'm still working on the 6's at 58 and 4's at 84 - determined to master them without tension before attempting the next phase. And I enjoy it more and more."

~ Regards, John H.

"My Guitar is Becoming Part of Me"

"Hi Sakari , I definitely feel as though my guitar is becoming part of me and not just a piece of timber sat on my lap. If the second half of your course matches the first I firmly believe that I will have the knowlege and ablity to reach my personal potential and be able to tackle the more challenging pieces I have yearned to be able to play. Many thanks, Kind regards "

~ James UK

"The Real Value You Are Offering To Improve Our Abilities"

"I want to thank you for your fine contribution to CG players and helping us better further our playing ability,, I had a teacher but found him to not be of the best for actual instructions,, I played very serious (practiced for 6 hours every day) in my late 20s and then quit for over 20 years,, now that I am retired I am back into it again and usually do three hours of practice daily,, the first hour is dedicated to your most recent lesson which always begins with some of your early finger routines. thanks again

~ Derry M.

"Thank You So Much"

"Dear Sakari, Thank you so much for all your great e-mails, encouragements and efforts into helping people play classical guitar. You are very, very passionate and well appreciated. I have enjoyed every e-mail tremendously. "

~ Marguerite


"Feeling the Benefits"

"Hello Sakari, I am thoroughly enjoying the course and feeling the benefits ."

~ Regards, James W., England


"Very Astute and Gratifying"

"Sakari, I find your approach a very astute and gratifying experience. Thanks for yor dedication."

~ Robert R.

"The Philosophy Behind the Course Makes Sense"

"Hi Sakari, I am just returning to playing after 30 years away. I'm at week 4 in the course and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I try to go through the materials three times and I am making progress. The philosophy behind the course really makes sense to me and I relate to the rhythmic meditative state practice induces. I think I have done a better job of laying down brain patterns in 4 weeks than I did in 3 or 4 years of lessons
along time ago. Cheers!"

~ Jim B., Canada


"Sincerely Satisfied"

"Hi Sakari, I am about to start with phase 3 today, and I just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the progress I can feel my right hand fingers are already making. . It is not only the strenght and control that my fingers are achieving, but now I am feeling and enjoying the strings I am playing: better sound, volume and sensitivity of my fingers. I can only imagine how much progress I will have achieved by the time I finish the course. Many, many thanks. "

~ Sincerely satisfied, Theo A.

"Thank You Very Much For Your Insight"

"Hi Sakari, The comment: I love your newsletter. I learned a few chords and played years ago. Then my guitar sat in the closet lonely and unappreciated for many years. A couple of years ago I bought a self taught classical guitar book. The author was dogmatic in regards as to how to hold the instrument. Try as I might I just couldn't hold it as indicated. That position hurt my back and shoulders too much. So, back in the closet for my poor guitar. Then one day three months ago, I found your site on the Internet. Wow! When I read your philosophy on holding the guitar and your method of teaching, I knew I had found my maestro. Thank you very much for your insight and your willingness to share it."

~ Dean H.

"Thank You For All Your E-mails"

"Sakari, Thank you for all your e-mails so far they have being a source of inspiration and learning. Your finger training has had great appeal to me. I've have been playing guitar for over 20 yrs without a teacher and have had limited results but my love for art and the guitar is substantial. Today when you speak of the evils of frustration I am there. Your approach of training the fingers, hands, and brain is finally giving me the direction I've been needing. Thank you for sharing your guitar playing experiences and discovered learning tools. Thank you again you will continue to hear from me."

~ Paulino R., Fort Worth,Tx

"You are Planting Hundreds of Acorns All Over the World"

"Sakari, Eventually, you will have enough course graduates that will participate in the forums & help you "turn the tide" & reverse any negative comments. These graduates will become your cyberspace warriors defending your philosphy & course work. But until then, single-handedly you are ineffective - you need help in this cause & your students are the ones to aid you. Please continue the good fight, but don't let it distract you from your teaching. The mighty oak tree began as a tiny acorn. You are planting hundreds of acorns all over the world. Nuture them & help them grow. "

~ Take care, Clay A., Alpharetta, GA


"Our Gain is Their Loss"

Hi Sakari, Just read [ your newsletter ] # 3- they just get better!! I think you need to attach a heart rate monitor when you are scripting these things. You'll be off the Richter Scale!!
These people who waffle on in such forums would be far better off spending their time tackling Phases 5 and 6 of any of your lessons. Our gain is their loss - anyway when you create or find something
special do you really want to share it with doubting Thomas's ? Keep the faith!

~ Regards, J.


"The Proof Is In The Results"

"Dear Sakari , I have already acquired more finger speed and finger control on both hands in 9 months by following your directions to the letter and trusting this process than I achieved in 9 years of practicing scales which produced only minimal speed and no finger control. The proof is in the result and results speak much better than words. I imagine every day down the road when I can play pieces that will really make people feel the music from me to them. Thank you. Gratefully, "

~ Frank


"Quite a Task to be a Pioneer"

"What you say simply must be true, it is quite obvious when reading your material. The first thing to learn as a CG player is of course learning to work your fingers properly. Why isn't this general practice on all CG-courses for the past three hundred years? It is amazing ! You've made your point quite clear - in this mail as well as many times on your site. It is quite a task to be a pioneer, I know from other walks in life. You have to keep on making your point over and over and over and you wonder how stupid people can get. This time I was one of them. Sorry. But not anymore, I will gladly follow your guidance all the way and I really look forward to it. Thanks a lot for your communications, it's really great!"

~ Best Regards: Bjorn


"Light and Hope "

"Sakari, Thank you for giving light and hope to an old lover of the guitar. "

~ Larry M.


"Gaining More Confidence"

"Hi Sakari,I have being doing the exercises and already there is an improvement, and I also seem to be gaining more confidence whenever I pick up my Ramirez to practice.Best regards."

~ Wayne D.


"Problems That I Would Not Even Known About"

"Dear Sakari, Thank you for your time. I will have to say that your lesson have brought to the surface problems that I would not even known about. These are good lessons and have improved my playing Thank you. "

~ James D.


"Just What I Needed"

"Sakari, Thanks for your prompt attention to my request for the lost lessons involved in my computer crash incident. The lessons are a great addition to my ever growing classical guitar library. Your unique approach to learning classical guitar technique is just what I needed. Sincere Regards,"

Earl W.


"To Not Invest In Your Method Is Quite Simply Foolish"

"Hi Sakari, I just wanted to send you a quick note about lesson #1. I think it is awesome. The first exercise is humbling and reveals just how bad the bad habits regarding technique truly are..for me at least. You have discovered the path to true virtuoso playing without a doubt. Little by little, you are destroying any argument that I have for continuing to play my pieces, scales, and etudes etc.. I have realized that it is counter productive to your method and it will inevitably slow my progress. So I have..against all that I have been taught and learned...decided to use only your method for gaining genuine technical skill and command of the classical guitar. It is both humbling and liberating.

You have indeed through your insight and hard work provided the means for all classical guitarists to obtain the skill they have always dreamed about. To not invest in your method is quite simply foolish..unless of course the goal of a potential classical guitarist is not to be the best that he or she can be! I know all this for two reasons thus far. One: I can relate to everything you state on your website about the lies and delusions of traditional forms of developing classical guitar technique...because I have been there and done it all..and none of it really works..does it! Two: since I started your method only three days ago, I have come to the cold hard reality that much not perhaps... indeed most of all that I have ever learned was for all intents and purposes a waste of time and money..all except for learning how to tune my guitar LOL! I have seen the light and with your help-- and I know-- encouragement-- I will be a bona-fide Classical Guitarist within one year..rather than a wanna-be. Please keep the e-mails about the lies of classical guitar coming I find them both entertaining and painful all at the same time. "

With kind regards, Your student, Kevin P., Moncton NB Canada


"My Fingers Never Moved This Fast"

I really believe in your method. To be honest, on all my earlier tries at playing the guitar, my fingers never moved this fast. And I do feel a new strength as I play.

Maria F., NY


"Don't Hesitate To Do This Course !"

"For whoever reads this don’t hesitate to do this course. Every step of the way I have been inspired. Sakari returns e-mails quickly and every message back to me is in great detail. I have played guitar since I was 12 years old. First starting in 3 different Rock groups, on to finger picking 6 and 12 string acoustics, and at the age of 30 to 38 I study Classical Guitar. Those eight years were very frustrating. I did end up with a decent skill level but I wasn’t motivated to go on. I have read every testimonial on this site and even though I am just starting I feel more excited about Classical guitar than ever before. I noticed on another testimonial I just read the statement…."When A Student Is Ready A Master Appears". I just turned 57 and I am really looking forward to learning from Sakari and spending the rest of my life Mastering Classical Guitar. Thanks Sakari."

Denny D., Omaha, Nebraska


"I Made All The Mistakes That You Pointed Out"

"Hi Sakari, I found your web site by chance, whilst searching for a classical guitar method that will help save me from the two or three pieces I've begun to hate..... I studied for a few years but never really progressed much; I would end up listening to the teacher play. Reading your free course was like a breath of fresh air, and yes I made all the mistakes that you pointed out; it was quite reassuring to know that I was not alone in my miss-managed quest for excellence, laughing. I am looking forward to your full course over the next few months; your introduction to cg I found compelling and think now that maybe I have a good chance of succeeding. Maybe I'll even start to play like the lost gypsy that roams the Andalusian mountains, that oft haunts my dreams.  Thanks Sakari"

Ian M., UK


"A Better Contact Feel and Change in Tone"

"Aloha Sakari, Thank you for clarifying the finger nail issue. I am quite pleased that I do not have to keep the nails longer than I first had expected. Truly there is a "better contact feel and change in tone" that I had instantly noticed after all was done....and yet the nails are sufficiently long enough to create different tones. Very pleased thank you! "

Joe A., Hawaii


"You Are My Only Hope "

"Sakari, I have seen some of those negative Sakari comments on some forums on the internet, but do you know what, I am excited about following you to the end. You are my only hope of becoming as good on the guitar as I hope to be. Don’t worry about the competition, there isn’t any."

Jim V.


"Thanks for Making All Of Your Hard Work Available"

"I just read your latest newsletter and I totally agree. That artistic quality that some have is very special, but without the practice of good skills it can't become great. I can't remember who it was, but a very famous artist was always insulted when people would say "you are so lucky to have such talent" He would quickly tell them that it was a lot of hard work that brought him to such a level of accomplishment. Thanks for making all of your hard work available to the rest of us who are very interested in working hard."

Kim B., Canada


"A Slight Tear in the Eye at Being Able to Produce Such a Sound"

"Hi Sakari. If I may I would like to share with you, what I am sure is, a defining moment in my progress. At yesterdays practice I thought I would try exercises, etc. as a consecutive run ie not several of one finger pattern and then another but run from one pattern to the next with no break and with the beat of the metronome. A revelation soon presented itself, I was playing a tune !! a melody !! albeit a rudimentary one with only 4 notes but music all the same ! The notes were rounded and full, the rythm was regular with the metronome in fact is sounded almost as if someone else was playing the guitar. I have never been able to make the guitar sound so wonderful before, I felt a knot in my chest and I do'nt mind admitting a slight tear in the eye at being able to produce such a sound. This has given my confidence and determination such an amazing boost I tingle with excitement at the thought of the forthcomming lessons.

Many thanks Sakari, your detractors are wrong, your method works where traditional teaching fails. I feel I can speak with some experience of failure being 47 years old and having tried the traditional methods many times without success. "

Many thanks Sakari. Kind regards.




"To my friend, I'm just now starting on lesson 12. I could not be more excited with the progress I've been making and my improvement still sits me back in my chair with a " WOW"! I'm building a Fleta classical guitar, And I now believe that by the time I finish my build, I will also be finishing your course. Who could ever ask for a better gift. To build a dream guitar, to be a student of yours, and be able to play with confidence when all is done. Like I always say " It'll work if you work it". Thank you my friend."



"Really Great Course"

'Hi Sakari, Hope all's well with you? Yes I did get the lessons tip and have down loaded your metronome with the lessons. thanks for the instructions on how to access it, they were a great help. I know I've said it before, but it's a really great course and I'm enjoying it. Thanks again, "



"Nirvana at the End of your Fingertips"

"Hi Sakari, I look forward to reading your guitar newsletter and it gives me the inspiration I need to keep picking up the guitar. I can see the benefit of breaking away from the traditional way of practising; common sense and logic of your teaching has made it possible in my mind to break down the barriers that strangle my progress. On my journey towards enlightenment I have come to understand that all my barriers were built from my own miss-guided view of what other miss-guided people have thought, or what I think they have thought.

I say to [the naysayers], go seek the advice of stuffy musical pedagogues, they'll drip feed you musical lies and inaccurate technique; take the path to enlightenment and musical truth with Sakari's teaching and you'll find a musical Nirvana at the end of your fingertips."

Thanks again Sakari.



"You Go to a Lot of Trouble to Provide a Personal Touch"

"Hi Sakari, I see from your site that many students have written to you saying how much they have valued the course. Those comments are entirely justified in my view but I would like to add one more thing. Although these days the internet gives us instant access to many sites, it is very rare in my expenence to find a site where someone actually takes the trouble to answer emails and keeps on providing a wealth of information over and above the promised course content. Even if your course content was only average, which is most certainly not the case, the fact that you go to a lot of trouble to provide a personal touch would in itself give your course enormous value.

I don't know how you manage to keep up with it all but I just wanted to say that it is very much appreciated. Regards, "

Graeme C.


"Thanks For All The Info"

"Sakari--you are always an inspiration--thanks for all the info and i thoroughly enjoy
learning the skills i need to be able to play music someday....thanks,"

Dale K.


"It's Good To Be Able To Communicate With You"

"Hi Sakari - Am so glad I found you in the internet. I love the disciplines of your Disciplines. As I said I have been a professional reed player and am having no trouble with following your method. I am religiously following your method because I know that it will pay off in the end, however far down the road that may be!! And it's good to be able to communicate with you when needed. "

Pete G.


"Every Day, My Fingers Feel More New"

"Thank you Sakari for your reply and clarification. I'm enjoying this method very, very much. Every day, my fingers feel more new".

John C.


"I Have Noticed a Big Improvement"

"Hi Sakari, I have noticed a big improvement with tone and finger movement with the right hand, no music has touched the stand to date as I can see long term by doing as you say the results will speak for themselves."   







Kind Regards, Rosalie D., New Zealand


"Your Method Ruthlessly Exposes The Weaknesses"

"Sakari, I can't believe how difficult it has been to attempt to master the content of Lesson 14. Your method ruthlessly exposes the weaknesses of each individual finger. Most keyboard players know that some fingers are weaker than others but have usually developed little tricks of technique for coping with this, to substitute one finger for another in various passages to overcome weaknesses. I am beginning to realise that with guitar, that may not be possible. Each finger has a job to do and if it is not up to it, there is no concealing the fact".  





 Regards, Graeme C., Australia

"Your Program Has Improved My Playing 10 Fold "

"Good Day Sakari, First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge with me. I am a self taught guitarist and have been playing on and off for about 20 years ( career, kids, you know) . Your program has improved my playing 10 fold ( although I must confess, I have been playing music in between your exercises). I think at the rate I am progressing I can be concert ready in two years. Not that I will be performing anywhere, but I could, and that's good enough for me. I am playing for a friends wedding in February and before starting your course I would have thought it impossible. Once again thank you."

Harold H., Georgia


"My Technique Is Now Very Controlled"

"Sakari, my studies are progressing. I'm on Lesson 11. Although I'm probably the slowest student out there, I believe my efforts have all been worthwhile. You might remember, I was "one of those" students that started out of the gate too fast & you sent me back to the beginning - you were right to do that. My technique is now very controlled, my tone has dynamic range, & my right hand & arm are relaxed ."

Clay A.


"I Was Doing All the Things You Said Were Mistakes"

"Sakari, I first studied guitar 40 years ago, in Los Angeles. My teacher was Frederick Noad, in the days before he started putting out his anthologies. I thought I did fairly well, studying with him for two years--not anything spectacular, but ok. Afterward I studied briefly with a couple of other teachers and I've been playing on my own since then, mostly about an hour a day, determined to get better. But I haven't gotten better. In fact, I'm no better than I was when I was just starting out with Fred. The observations on your Web site struck home to me at once, because I was doing all the things you said were mistakes. In particular, I remember Fred saying that the best thing a guitarist can do to improve is to make sure to do at least a page of sight-reading every day. Well, I did and I do, and I'm sure not improving."

Best, Aaron E.

 "Keep Up The Good Work"

It's so true !!.I just had to laugh at [ your ] latest peice of wisdom. In fact would it be true to say, in some instances that your brain can
actually hamper your progress. I have been guilty of over practicing pieces until they are impossible to
play because I have trained my brain to do it wrong! Far better to let it happen from within than try to use your brain as a
sledgehammer to crack a nut! Keep up the good work and don't let the ignorant and narrow minded bloggers
get you down - It seems to me that the internet, at times, is merely a way to permit those people who are failures to advertise that failure while
puffing their little selfs up!!

~ Mike


"Thanks For Your Prompt Help Every Time"

"Hi Sakari, I have not written to you for a good while now. I just want to let you know where I stand as far as my guitar practice. For Phase 5 I have a question. For GROUPS C - D, COLUMN I, RHYTHMS #3 for each click of the metronome how many times do I play the string? Thanks for your prompt help every time. "

Sincerely, Theo A.


"My Speed Has Increased Dramatically"

"Dear Sakari, I just had to send you this Email as I have now completed lesson 10 and to my joy I am now actually getting somewhere with my playing, as I have just got to grips with not only timing but by following your guide to finger placement my speed has increased dramatically. I have spent about 15 years on and off trying to grasp classical guitar with slowly reading music and them memorizing the pieces and now I feel I am finally getting somewhere."

Thanks again Nigel.


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"It Has Been Spectacular and Well Worth The Effort"

"Well, here we are at #30, the last lesson. As you know I had been playing for years. It is hard to put into words what these sessions have done for me. Things are very different. There is a power / a knowing / that is there that has never been before. Thanks for the ride; it has been spectacular and well worth the effort".

Don R., Birmingham, Alabama


"I'm Finding It Easier To Focus On Interpreting The Music"

"Hello Sakari, After a few days working on your first lesson, I can already feel a difference in the way I play. The sound is much more decisive, and clear, not to mention my feeling of being much more in control. I'm finding it easier to focus on "interpreting" the music at tempo, rather than just being happy to hit the note on time. I was pretty sure you were onto something, now I know you are. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the lessons."

Thanks, George T.


"Finally Some Truth About Real Technique"

"Hi Sakari, I just want to say that your course is AWESOME! Finally some truth about real technique. My humble opinion is.... THE BEST METHOD for developing classical guitar technique Period! Thanks again and keep up the good work. "

Kevin P., Canada


" It's Unbelievable "

"Sakari, I wanted to tell you that the exercises you gave me to do without the guitar worked! And, it's unbelievable. My brain can now make these right-hand fingers work independently of each other. I am still practicing without the guitar so that this is an exercise I can do anywhere and just keep reinforcing my brain until I don't have to think about it anymore consciously. I am glad you developed your technique, and that I found you on the Internet. I do believe you hold the key to success for people like me. I love classical guitar a lot, and I think I deserve to be able to play quite decently."

You must have a very high IQ! Thanks,

~ Vicki B., California

"Your Lessons Have Revitalized My Guitar Playing"

"Dear Sakari, Your lessons have revitalized my guitar playing. Now I am nearly at the point I was in my youth when playing in concert. Your lessons have accomplished very much motivation to work again with the guitar. I hope soon I can send you youtube links with my guitar playing...Best Regards"

Andreas L., Germany, Former Concert Artist


" Thank You "

"Thank you for the work and thought that has gone into the development of your ‘method’. "

~ Jim R., Victoria, Canada

" Thank You for Dedicating Yourself "

"Dear Sakari, Thank you for dedicating yourself and your expertise into teaching the right way. I am a beginner starting from a scratch, but I have already experienced some of the facts you discuss. I took 3 months of lessons (weekly) and I am frustrated from the lack of results and lack of being able to read notes. My teacher is assuming too much and is expecting me to play tunes at the time when I am struggling with all basic understanding and trying to catch on how to read notes. I am 55 and I have a very high expectation as well as a high desire to play a classical guitar. I am looking forward to learning from you the right way and I want to play for the rest of my life. "

~ Sincerely, Andy Z.


"What I've Been Wanting To Know For Decades"

"Sakari ,thanks so much. I am so grateful for your experience. The clarifications were what I've been wanting to know for decades. Thank you!  "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,  it is time to pause and reflect."  — Mark Twain .  I saw that quote a few months ago and has become a mindset for me ever since. Your lessons are absolutely on a road less traveled. I love it!  Have a great week! Warm Regards, "

Jim P. ____________________________________

All Classical Guitarists, Beginners, Intermediates and Even Advanced Players Who Want to Improve Their Playing Skills Will Benefit From My Lessons.

" Thank You for Taking the Time "

"I purchased your technique program last week. You have created a really good teaching method. Thank you for taking the time & energy to compile & share your knowledge. I will be a better player because of it. My technique is already improving! Sincerely, "

~ Clay A., Alabama

" Thanks For The Prompt Reply "

"Dear Sakari, thanks especially for the prompt reply to my question... prompt replies, if any, are something one does not get from other methods...Cheers,"

~ G. Carlo, Greece

" I Now Understand "

"Dear Sakari, Your direction yesterday was most helpful. This is such a personal feeling and experience, locating that "right" place at the fingertip to stroke through the string. I felt and located that sweet spot at the fingertip on the i, m, and a fingers! I now understand the highly personal right hand micro movements that one must develop in order to have a stable and dependable technique... without which it is not possible to really perform any given repertoire with intimate consistency. Thank you"

~ Jeffrey M., NYC


"Sakari, I wanted to tell you that the exercises you gave me to do without the guitar worked! And, it's unbelievable. My brain can now make these right-hand fingers work independently of each other. I am still practicing without the guitar so that this is an exercise I can do anywhere and just keep reinforcing my brain until I don't have to think about it anymore consciously. I am glad you developed your technique, and that I found you on the Internet. I do believe you hold the key to success for people like me. I love classical guitar a lot, and I think I deserve to be able to play quite decently." You must have a very high IQ! Thanks,
~ Vicki B., California


  "My Touch is Lighter Than It Has Ever Been" 

"Hello Sakari, Well, lesson 15 started off as a real challenge. As of yesterday it is now a joy. I am now in the last section of Phase 6. When I got to the end of 5 I was noticing that my errors were compounding. I went back a few steps and kept working until it got very, very good. Then I moved ahead with success. I even went into Phase 6 in good fashion. The most remarkable is the total relaxation of my hands, especially the thumb. The fingers move very well and my touch is lighter than it has ever been. I become entranced by the sound of the string clicking on the fret, making my own sort of music. I can tell when I mis-touch because the sound is not right. I'm still not totally perfect but I am getting the rhythm. But again the most amazing thing is the calm where before there was tension. I think that is one of the most profound things about this lesson. Just wanted to share. "

~ Don R.

"Thank You For Your Course of Exercises."

"Sakari, just wanted to let you know I restarted my practice with Lesson one and came to an interesting discovery. I tried the exercises when I first started receiving your individual lessons but dropped them while I re-evaluated my usual warm-ups and technique practice. They were taking up a lot of time, tiring my left hand, and not yielding results. Thank you for your course of exercises."

~ Ed T., Pennsylvania

"THE SAKARI METHOD" IS Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Really Learn the Skills Needed to Play Classical Guitar, Whether You Can Read Music or Not BECAUSE The Lessons Train You to Focus on Perfecting Only the Specific Finger Movements That Lead to Effortless Playing.

"You Have Shown Me The Way"

"Sakari, I came to you as a complete novice and you have shown me the way to sounding a string and also hearing the subtle differences of each strike of the string. something I didn't ever know existed before. Also the trance quality of the first discipline hooked me because from that place I learned tone centering to the best of my ability at this time. Thank you. Now I feel I am ready to proceed. "

Angelika M.


"You Have Done Something Wonderful for the CG World. "

"Dear Sakari, I was ready to finally give up because hours and hours of practice kept producing no results, and my playing even worsened because my muscles were so tired. I had done all that I was told-endless arpeggios, scales, thirds eighths, chord progressions etc. I was exhausted and tired and sick of trying so hard, so I decided that I was too old and too limited and had no talent and blah, blah, blah. I had no where to turn, a beautiful guitar as a retirement gift to myself, and no where to turn.

I don't remember how I came upon your site-maybe it was an answered prayer-but I did. I thought, "What can I learn from an internet course?" But your descriptions just fit me to a tee-all the feeling and frustration. I signed up and here I am-the same man as before, but really excited about what I have learned. Never did I believe I could complete your chart in the 1st discipline but I did it, and then I didn't think I could possibly complete the chart in the 2nd discipline but I did from ppp to fff even! Now I have finished lesson 16 in the 3rd discipline and have completed the chart in first position and I am amazed because I could never acquire speed and control no mattered how many etudes I practiced.

You probably know the old adage-When the student is ready the teacher appears. And so it has been the most satisfying experience this year for me. Still when I tell others that I am taking this course and offer them your web site, they don't take me seriously. What a shame. You have done something wonderful for the CG world. "

Your grateful student,

~ Frank


"My Technique Has Risen to New Heights"

"Sakari, though I haven't written you since I started your method, I want you to know that I have been following your lessons diligently, and my technique, even as a new guitarist, has risen to heights I thought
unattainable. With the metronome I work formally. But at times I sit and just play chords and practice, without the metronome, what you have taught me.
Sometimes I get sloppy. When I realize I am not in the right frame of  mind--the meditative plane of mental attunement that your method  imparts, I adjust my mental state and start again. The feeling of the proper use of fingers kicks in, the playing of the strings becomes precise, and I make music. Even something as simple as fretting an Am chord and playing strings 4-3-2-1-2-3 , p-i-m-a-m-i, fills me with pleasure. The feeling of playing and the sound of the guitar becomes lovely.
I wait patiently, as I play, for what mysteries will be revealed to help my left hand as you have helped my right. I send this note to let you know your voice is being heard and that it is appreciated."

Your student,
~ Matthew

"Thank You So Much"

"Sakari--thank you so much for the finger exercise without the guitar--my teacher never gave me such an exercise to do--and i am surprised by that--since i have not been given music to play yet--i think i will tell my teacher that i want to get this down first before i do anything else--thanks so much."

~ Dale K., California


"Thanks For This Opportunity"

"Dear Sakari, I purchased your Mastering e-Course and just wanted to write to introduce myself. I've played guitar most of my life, but never took any lessons. About 5 years ago I hit a wall that I couldn't progress beyond so I gave up music. On January 1st, 2007, I vowed I was going to master the guitar but knew that there was no way I could without the proper technique. Immediately I could see all my bad habits and limitations, but also how I could improve, and I did improve immediately. I was surprised at how something so simple could make such a difference. So I've been doing your exercises everyday.   I'm really pleased to have accomplished so much in this short time, especially since I haven't picked up the guitar since 2001. This has been a huge boost in my confidence and has allowed me to awaken my dream."

~ Matthew D., Australia

"The Right Approach"

"Hi Sakari, Thank you for the Mini Course which was quite interesting and motivating. Most important seems to be the right approach to all your exercises, not to hurry and not to waste time. I have already joined your Mastering Lessons and am looking forward to your next e-mail lesson."

~ Heinz from Germany

"What a Revelation"

" I can't get over how even my playing became. In just two weeks I began to see it take hold and my confidence levels increasing. What a Revelation ! This Method should be standard issue at the Music Schools and Conservatories. I can't imagine where I would be had I begun my studies on the Classical Guitar with this knowledge."

~ Michael H., Ithaca College, New York

"This is a Marvelous Journey"

"Lesson 11 is full of potential . I am working the groups attempting to have what I call seamless transition from pima to pmia, then pami, then paim. I am also increasing volume as well as decreasing at will or whim. The result is almost a seamless melody. This is a marvelous journey.   Thanks "

~ Don R.

Say Goodbye To All Those Counterproductive Motions That Hold Your Technique Back When You Try to Play Music !

"Thank You So Much"

"Dear Sakari, Thank you so much for one of the Fifth Discipline Lessons concerning finger pressure. This is a Huge Step. I have practiced the Segovia scales for a long time with the metronome but I can never get past MM 126 in 4/4.  My fingers fatigue and I haven't realized how much wasted energy I use now. Not only that but the fingers are much less likely to move correctly when they press so much. So I notice as I do simple scales, it is easy to use low pressure if I stroke lightly but I automatically use high pressure when I stroke with volume, so I will stick with your exercise for awhile to achieve the lightest pressure even with strong volume. I really need to master this part of the course so I think it is best that I shelve speed at this time. Appreciatively,"

~ Frank E., Pennsylvania

"I Am Amazed"

"After years of playing, I am amazed that there is a method never thought of prior. It achieves exactly as you say and evens out the limping rhythyms. "

~ Jim D., Lancashire, United Kingdom

"I Can't Wait"

" Mr. Heikkila, I purchased your Technique Builder last night and expected a new viewpoint of the Guiliani Arpeggios, maybe playing them backwards or something. But I got out my metronome and began your method, followed your explanations and realized sometime after 2:00 am that I was finally going to get somewhere with my technique. Your idea of accents at certain points during the fingering exercises instantly showed how to start learning the technique of bringing out the melody. I can't wait to use this method out on some pieces that are just beyond me."

~ Roger G., Miami, Florida

Are You Taking Lessons and Getting Nowhere ? Or Maybe You Used to Play Years Ago and Want to Rekindle the Magic But Don't Know Where to Begin ?

"Thanks For Helping Me Fulfill My Musical Goals"

" Sakari, thanks for your e-mail lessons. I am already experiencing the benefits of your approach Again, thanks for helping to fulfill my musical goals ."

~ P. Alvarez, Florida

"This is a Well Elaborate Program"

"Dear Mr. Heikkila, Being familiar with technique training in other fields, I can say that this is a well elaborate program, that will discipline my fingers and even out movements, which to me already means a lot. I look forward to the next session and will remain , with thanks,"

~ Marcel G., Switzerland

"I Was About To Give Up"

" I can already feel the progress and that's so exciting. I was just about to give up. You're right about trying to play music too early. It's just frustrating. But your e-mail lessons are training my fingers in a way I never though possible."

~ E.F., Singapore


Perfect Your Playing Skills and Develop Real Technique Without the Confusion of Reading Music Which Robs Valuable Concentration from Technical Abilities.

"Thanks For a Great Program"

" Hi Sakari, Thanks for a great program. I have appreciated your emails to keep me focused and looked forward each new lesson. My tone, speed and control have improved almost daily !"

~ Thanks, Clarence S.

"I Am Looking Forward..."

"Thank you Sakari, I like very much your method and I am looking forward to receiving your next e-mail lesson and methods. Cordially,"

~ Antonello R., Italy

"I Can't Even Imagine How I Played Before"

"Mr. Heikkila, your approach has evened out my technique to the point where I can't imagine how I even played before !"

~ David H., England

"...With So Little Time Each Day"

"How often does one come across a way to even think about technique, let alone be able to perfect it with so little time each day ?"

~ Roger W., California


Experience Immediate Improvement to Your Playing after Just the First 30 Minutes of Practicing my Unique Exercises. All You Need is a Classical Guitar and a Metronome.

"Appreciative of Your Guidance and Being an Inspiration"

"Hi Sakari, Lesson 14 is great. I tried it at my desk. I can tap the left hand fingers okay, for a left hand beginner, though there's no way I can do 15 reps in a row without screwing up, and some patterns are harder than others. But I tried the four tap left hand with the three tap right hand, and I can't even do it once. I can't even hardly get started, and my brain throws up its hands, so to speak. I laughed out loud. Your method is well designed but it seems that it is probably a method that is uncommon among teachers. It's a nice piece of work. You should be proud of it, and I'm enjoying it. It suits the way I think--from a beginning to an end point, rather than skipping around. It's surprising how effective it is. I've been enjoying my right hand abilities so much that I was inspired to compose a piece. Anyway, none of that is necessary. I'm just proud of my accomplishments and appreciative of your guidance and being an inspiration."

~ Matthew P.

"Thanks For However You Discovered This"

"OK, I've been playing for a long time but speed has been just so difficult to achieve. Thanks for however you discovered this way to coordinate all the fingers."

~ Gerardo R., Mexico

"Thanks For Switching On the Bulb"

"Hi Sakari, I think I've experienced that light bulb moment. After only one week of following your Lessons, I now believe that my brain and my right hand will form a direct link ! I have diligently followed your methods for one week for one hour per day with the necessary regular short breaks. When I then move on to practice my pieces, I am simply amazed at the response of my right hand, particularly the "a" (annular) finger which now feels as though it has finally sprung to life. I really do feel that I have seen some light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for switching on the bulb. With best wishes, "

~ James W., United Kingdom


"Your Exercises Are Definitive"

"Sakari, you are right about your exercises being Definitive. Just the small amount of practice I did from the first Lesson helped my Right Hand. Thank you."

~ Ed. T., Pennsylvania


Discover How to Really Connect With Your Musical Self by Following my Method so Your Playing Experience Won't be Inhibited by Technical Shortcomings.

"Already, My Tone Has Moved Into Another Level"

"Thanks Sakari, already my tone has moved into another level. Your method should be standard for all us amateurs as it improves technique beyond anything I have found. I have played Recuerdos de la Alhambra 2-3 times per day for the past two years yet your technique improved it to such a degree that my wife said it was more accomplished than John William's version. Your method has shown me that having absolute control of the right hand actually relaxes the Left Hand and gives you more time to use the Left. Strange but true."

~ Regards, Steve H., London England


"Thanks For Your Prompt Response"

"Sakari, Thanks for your prompt response to my question ! I am really enjoying the exercises and finding them almost meditative and Zen like. About four years ago I developed dystonia in my right hand from practicing Guiliani arpeggios ad nauseum. I stopped playing for several years and have only picked up my guitar in the last several months. Anyway, your method is really helping me regain control of my right hand. Thanks again Sakari. "

~ John E., Ohio

"I am Really Trusting in Your Experience"

"Dear Sakari, I used to practice four hours a day but just couldn't make progress after some point. My frustration has been, why can't I make the Guitar sing ? My fastest scales were only to Metronome Marking 126 (4/4) and I could never seem to relax my body enough to hear the music. I am 56 and have had many teachers but they just never got that I would do anything to get better, so the Music went on the Music Stand and poor technique developed because people want to play their Music before they develop their technique. I am really committing myself to the "Boot Camp" and trusting in your experience. I have stopped practicing my pieces for some of the reasons you suggest, I don't love the pieces and I don't love the pieces. I have stopped trying to play scales fast and have stopped practicing the Guiliani Right Hand Arpeggio Exercises. "

~ Thank you for your encouragement. - F.E

Have Daily Attainable Goals Without Wondering WHAT TO DO NEXT !

"Each Lesson is Like Receiving a New Christmas Present"

"Hi Sakari, Just a bit of feed back. I've just enjoyed getting started on Lesson 4 and I am just simply amazed that I seemed to have magically acquired a new right hand during the 2 months I have been working on your technique. I just simply cannot believe that this new right hand actually belongs to me ! It has been possessed ! Thank you so much for setting me off on this amazing journey. Each lesson is like receiving a new Christmas present ! Best wishes "

~ James in England

"Thank You For Your Course"

"Hello Sakari, I stumbled across your course and literally after one day of practicing the first lesson, my Classical playing ability went from night to day. Just your simple practicing technique has cleared up many of my questions and you are now officially my teacher. I know you say don't over practice but I find myself practicing 8-10 hours a day. This all happened because of your first lesson. Thank you for your course. Now, I have a true instuctor and I will be asking questions."

~ Sincerely, Mark S., Professional Show Business Guitarist


"A Fresh Journey Has Now Begun"

"Hi Sakari,I already wish your course had been available when I was younger. I am now 68, and a relative newcomer to classical guitar, having spent most of my life playing viola and trumpet. In retrospect, it is clear that tension became my worst enemy without me being fully aware of the cause, yet very conscious of the detrimental effect on performance. A fresh journey has now begun."

~ Regards, John H., England

Don't Struggle For Years and Never Know Why !

"Hi Sakari"

Your work and effort is appreciated !

~ Mike

"Great Method"

"Hi Sakari, I don't recall how I came upon your website, but intuitively, I somehow knew that the method you propose is the best way to proceed in order to enjoy the instrument, long term. Your mini-course gave me a glimpse into the process, I got excited and purchased your Mastering Lesson Series. I've been playing the classical guitar on and off for several years. In my short experience with it, I've encountered some of the challenges you describe which have led to cycles of disappointment, frustration, and then setting the guitar aside - thinking that setting it aside will help. It's now been a week of practice with only the Right Hand on 1 string. My biggest fear was that it would be mind-numbingly boring to proceed this way. I am pleased to report that I dedicate about an hour to an hour and a half of practice per day and I've never been so excited about playing the classical guitar as I am at this time! Although it isn't a new experience, it certainly feels like one. I'm gaining a whole new appreciation for the instrument and its sound. Furthermore, the fingers of my right hand are beginning to do what they're meant to do. "

~ Sincerely, Mike R., Canada

"Thank You For Enlightening Me"

Dear Sakari, You can't imaging how inspiring your message about the necessity to follow prescribed steps was to me. Thank you so much for enlightening me - it will indeed put a new light on all the practicing I will have to endure to get where I want to go - ultimately to enjoy the music. I am going to pursue your course religiously, because it really does make a lot of sense.

~ Best Regards, Wayne C., Conneticut, US

"I Am Most Impressed With Your Very Personal Approach"

"Dear Sakari, Thank you for your reply to my questions. I am most impressed with your very personal approach. "

~ With kind regards, James - UK

If You Want to Spend More Time Playing and Less Time Practicing, You Need to Get my Mastering Lesson Series and Develop Your Technique Skills Logically and in a Simple Building Block Manner.

"...the Most Inspiring E-mail I Have Ever Read"

"Dear Sakari, I have followed you first lesson religiously. I can already feel improvement even after only a few days. After sending you a sound file of my playing so you can hear what I sound like, I was very surprised and very flattered by your kind comments. I was expecting a list of things to do to improve my playing and instead I received the most inspiring e- mail I have ever read. It arrived late last night and the effect was such that I could have stayed up played my guitar until the next morning. Thank You"

I  look forward to my next lesson, Steve G., England

"Thanks for Flipping the Switch"

"Sakari, I had a brief brush with the classical guitar when I was very young and very impatient. So now the time has come full circle again as I said a while ago. Thanks for bringing the light or maybe flipping the switch. "

~ Don R., Alabama


"Started Your Course and Loving It !"

"Sakari, I certainly finding your course interesting having played for several years and then quitting for 20 years. I figured I would start again and this time I wanted to be sure about my technique. I had five teachers in the past and not one ever really put much emphasis on a lot of technique. They just wanted me to practice the music to learn, I did learn but thought the progress was slow. Even this time I started with a teacher of high recommendations and he offered very little on technique again. Fired him, started your course and loving it !"

~ Derry M., Missouri


"The Sakari Method"  Will Take Years Off Your Practice Time and Teach You How to Play Flawlessly.

"Thank You For Such a Carefully Planned Course of Study"

"Dear Sakari, I am really very excited right now. It is such a thrill to me to have my fingers moving so fast without going crazy and actually hitting the same mark each time. My technique has been so faulty that in learning the new correct way, I must unlearn the old incorrect way, but I am having such success, it is unbelievable for me and very thrilling. Thank you for such a carefully planned course of study."

~ Your grateful student, Frank

"Please Accept My Thanks For the Guitar Method"

"Dear Sakari, Please accept my thanks for the guitar method that you are providing. After many years of off-again-on-again playing, I decided to try a left-handed guitar. So, I waited until I could get that before beginning your lessons. As it happened, I found one on the internet for only $80. At that price, I expected it to be awful, but it turns out to be a decent beginner's guitar and by practicing your method, I soon began to sound better on that than on my expensive, hand made guitar! So, I feel that I am living out your parable of the guitar store!  Yours,"

~ Nathanael H.

"You Have a Wonderful Gift"

"Hi Sakari, Your e-mail messages have been an inspiration to me this past month. You have a wonderful gift.  Thanks again,"

~ Dean H.

"Eureka" Moment"

"Hello Sakari, I am based in England and have been playing the guitar very on and off for years but have only ever achieved a very basic level and had to laugh when you, very accurately, guessed that many of us jump to the end of most exercise books and practice the harder pieces. This assumption was spot on. I came to a point when I searched on the internet for someone local to me to help me develop my technique as I was aware that this was what was holding me back. I stumbled upon your website and I felt that I had an "eureka" moment. I think your technique will completely change the way that I approach music and will help me far more than anyone local could have done. I am glad I have found you ."

~ Kind regards, Caroline O., England

"You Are Such a Great Help"

"Sakari, you are of such great help and I appreciate the time you put to answer my question. "

~ Vick S., California

"My Thanks Go To You, Sakari."

"After a lifetime playing trumpet and viola, plagued with efforts to overcome increasing amounts of crippling tension, I retired.
Several years later, seeking musical fulfillment, I turned my attention to learning to play classical guitar. Moderate progress was made; but the old enemy, assisted by advancing age, presented itself - until I discovered the Sakari Method. It became a different world, and everything you said made sense. My inner self felt satisfaction, although I have no ambition to be a concert artist. From the very first single note, the open string lesson, a new experience was born. One major point in praise of your method: if I left off playing the trumpet and viola for any length of time, it took a considerable amount of time to regain proficiency. With your method on the classical guitar, the proficiency time-factor is much shorter due to the muscle memory and relaxation elements. This is a great confidence-builder, and once again I thank you. Respect and Regards,"

~ John H.

"Best Decision I Ever Made"

"I have religiously practiced your lessons for at least I hour per day for 6 months.I think I have made more progress in that period than in the previous 4 YEARS of trying to learn difficult techniques whilst playing pieces. Finger placement with both hands is becoming more automatic and when I do have a sneaky play of some pieces my fingers are more "alive" and independent and I can look at my music
rather than my hands.That gives a stronger feeling of security and control.I feel much more confident and know that if I keep working at it that my guitar playing will finally become enjoyable rather than frustrating.

Some of those finger speeds in your lessons [ moving through phases 5 & 6] are very challenging for me but slowly and surely. notch by notch,I'm getting there.Learning classical guitar will be a marathon rather than a sprint for most people.Learning to sight read music is one thing but if you cannot place your fingers on the instrument within the timing required,why bother learning the music in the first place?I agree with you that each operative finger has to respond automatically and instantaneously to a command and until a player reaches that point he might as well go pee against the wind!

I am in this for the long haul and I think the full benefits of your training may not reveal themselves for some time.However the disciplines that you have given me make me believe that all my practice time is now productive and of the right quality.Its like anything else in life - you can only expect to take out the eqvivalent of what you put in. I used to trawl the classical guitar websites looking for someone who could offer the "magic moves" to make me into an instant maestro.I looked at your site several times before taking my "flyer" to put faith in you.There was something about your methodology which clicked with me and I just felt as though it was a logical path to follow.Best decision I ever made!

I'm gritting it out on phase 6 of lesson 16 at present - wow - I would never, ever, ever believed that my fingers could be trained to move so fast - do they really belong to me or have they been possessed!!??


~ James