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The Most Challenging Classical Guitar Measures 6".  The Space Between the Ears !


I receive many e-mails about what are The Five Disciplines of Classical Guitar Technique and how much time should be spent on practicing each Discipline.

If one follows each of the exercises for each Discipline and take each one through the Six Phases of skill level within each Discipline, the math tells you that the total program would takes days to complete start to finish.

This is the most common question and the answer is as varied as the number of players following my Course.
The reality and the beauty of my Method is that as you master each Discipline's Lesson with each Phase of skill level, you won't have to dwell on it any longer. You may just touch on it briefly for a daily warm up.

Every player will have different strengths and weaknesses to work through but the Method universally addresses the skills required to play simple or complex Classical Guitar Music.

I still, to this day, start my routine at the very beginning of the method because it seems to put me into the proper "Frame of Mind." I then move onto some other area of the Course that will improve my skill level which might be particular to a Piece of Music I'm working on.

Very few will ever need to take their skills levels to the very rapid Phase 6 area of any of the Disciplines but occasionally, you might find yourself going there, just to gain a little more control.

So, as with any time management system, you take the allotted time and spend it the most efficient way possible to get you to the next level of technical abiltity.

If you have one hour per day, then for the first few days or weeks, you might spend that hour with just the beginning point of each Discipline and as your skill level grows, you'll move onto the next higher level more rapidly. You don't have to practice Phase 3 of Fourth Discipline over and over again if you have it under your belt already.

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