THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  

 "The sculpture is already inside the rock,  all you have to do is remove the excess stone."    ~Michelangelo~

Simple and to the point.

Michelangelo's genius lives on with the hope that we might all go down in history
for doing something unique.

What is the "excess stone"  each of us has to remove,  revealing the timeless performance ?

But Michelangelo lived in a time past, unencumbered by information, the artist steeped
in himself while a distant world lurked.

The world today is a new and complicated beast.

The world of learning and perfecting Classical Guitar technique has changed.

Segovia's teachings are just an echo in the hallways of the past soon to be
forgotten but for the few researchers that always seem to keep humanity's secrets alive.

The Internet has allowed for unbelievable information exchange
not to mention the fact that instrument quality is at an all time high
and prices are at an all time low, string manufacturing techniques
are astounding and string quality is simply stunning compared
to just 20 years ago.

All this fertilizer should grow a new crop of fabulous players, right ?

Wrong !

Why ?

Because the psychological, emotional and mental roadblocks
in us all, are the same as they have been, forever, keeping us
from achieving our goals and dreams for the same reasons
over and over despite technology's efforts to deny or ignore it.

Years ago, we hid behind our telephone, hoping it wouldn't ring but
now, cell phones make that difficult.

Fortran started the next anti social revolution.

Today, we hide behind our computers and block the evil with filters and
e-mail spam blockers.  With the click of a mouse, the vain attempts vanish
into a cyber space black hole.

It is becoming more and more difficult to discern between the
valuable and the invaluable ideas due to the degree of mistrust the
Internet itself has created.  Everybody has something to sell and it's
just getting old.

Buy this, learn that, listen to this, subscribe to that !  We can make your
life 1,000% better, easier, faster.  Trust me ! Really !  I'm Not Kidding !

This web site is all about one thing.  Finding that truth within you that
will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings on the classical
guitar.  Causing you to solve the puzzle you were born with that will
allow you to play your music without frustration.

Perfecting your playing ability is not a collection of slick techniques and
DVD's that temporarily trick you into believing that you actually are improving
when you're really not.  It's a grass roots level pursuit of the real issues
and fighting through your inner road blocks and brain braking to
finally understand what it is "You" have to solve in order to play
better and better as time goes on.

Classical Guitar forums can sing and dance and entertain, but they don't
know how to change those who honestly want to learn.  They fear
anyone who holds their opinions accountable for results.

I don't.  I just give you the tools of the trade to learn.  No holding
your feet to the fire.

The following articles focus on principles, not techniques.  Apply them
to yourself, if you can, because they provide an insightful introduction to
The Sakari Method for Classical Guitar.

Enjoy !